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An opportunity has arisen for a full-time experienced competent Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response (EPRR) Officer at Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust. This post is for a 12-month fixed term position.

Oxleas are passionate about the field of EPRR and committed to providing good quality advice and guidance. We are looking for someone with similar attitudes, to join us and help develop our EPRR arrangements and promote Trust awareness and compliance.

The successful candidate will aid the delivery of the EPRR annual work action plan. Supporting the Trust, by reviewing and updating existing plans, supporting EPRR training and exercising programmes across the Trust and get involved in the response to any potential incidents or emergencies.

A key aspect of the role will be managing incoming communications on EPRR matters, ensuring these are communicated to the relevant Directorates and key senior leads in the Trust. You will be responsible for coordinating the gathering of data and information and the submitting of Situation Reporting (SitReps), which are time critical.

You must act in collaboration with our Estates department and our Health and Safety team, and you will be an excellent and diligent communicator, able to train other multidisciplinary team members, and partner organisations where applicable, regarding emergency planning arrangements; complex response procedures; and providing assurance to our AEO and the Trust board as to EPRR compliance.

Working under the direction of the Trust Health and Safety Manager & EPLO, the post holder will be responsible for the development and delivery of emergency preparedness, resilience, and response planning within Oxleas.

The post holder will coordinate emergency plans and business continuity plans, working closely with the Heads of Service across clinical and corporate departments. This will include ensuring that effective and up to date plans are in place to comply with national, regional, and local guidance, along with ensuring the organisation meets its legal requirements as a Category 1 Responder, as described in the Civil Contingencies Act (2004).

The post holder will be a key point of contact for emergency preparedness matters within the organisation, providing advice, guidance, training, and support to the organisation and participating in system emergency planning meetings. The post holder will develop and coordinate processes for resilience testing.

The post holder will be responsible for maintaining up-to-date policies and guidelines, coordinate any required reporting/SitReps and distributing key information across the organisation.

The post holder will be responsible for ensuring full EPRR compliance as directed under the NHSE Framework 2022. Ensuring all core standards are satisfactorily complied with.

Provide expert advice and guidance to managers and staff at all levels of the organisation.

Oxleas offers a wide range of NHS healthcare services to people in community and secure environment settings. Our services include community health care such as district nursing and speech and language therapy, care for people with learning disabilities and mental health care such as psychiatry, nursing and therapies. Our multidisciplinary teams look after people of all ages and we work in close partnership with other parts of the NHS, local councils and the voluntary sector and through our new provider collaboratives. Our 4,300 members of staff work in many different settings including hospitals, clinics, prisons, secure hospitals, children’s centres, schools and people’s homes.

We have over 125 sites in a variety of locations in the South of England. In London we operate within the Boroughs of Bexley, Bromley Greenwich and into Kent. We manage hospital sites including Queen Mary’s Hospital, Sidcup and Memorial Hospital, Woolwich, as well as the Bracton Centre, our medium secure unit for people with mental health needs. We are the largest NHS provider of prison health services providing healthcare to prisons within Devon, Dorset, Bristol, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, Kent and South London. We are proud of the care we provide and our people.

Our purpose is to improve lives by providing the best possible care to our patients and their families. This is strengthened by our new values:

We’re Kind

We’re Fair

We Listen

We Care

Communication and Working Relationship Skills:
To support the EPLO in connection with the production and updating of plans and procedures defining the organisations emergency planning and response roles, ensuring all key staff are consulted in the preparation of plans and procedures.

Work collaboratively with our partner organisations and other stakeholders and ensure plans are aligned, in order to respond to incidents.

Act as the interface with teams to ensure that Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) are in place for all services / departments, where critical services are mitigated against service disruption through risk management.

To assist Oxleas managers to implement local BCPs within EPRR guidelines and Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust procedures/protocols and ensure that all staff understand their responsibilities and receive appropriate training to effectively carry out their roles.

Analytical and Judgement Skills:
Ensure reporting requirements, (including situation reports - SitReps), are responded to a timely manner.

Ensure that all SitReps are completed with accurate data, within set deadlines according to external requirements, placed upon the Trust.

Develop and undertake audits with key stakeholders to ensure policies, plans and training remain fit for purpose.

Maintaining, testing, and updating NHS England– London Region EPRR assurance core standards, as required.

Supporting other EPLOs in both Provider and Commissioning Trusts, with collaborative working and sharing of information in line with requirements of Civil Contingencies Act 2004.

Planning and Organisational Skills:
To be responsible for ensuring the integration of emergency preparedness and resilience across the organisation.

To develop a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for EPRR in line with NHS Guidance and Frameworks. To include appropriate EPRR training for all levels of Trust staff, and how these training programmes will be developed and facilitated.

To develop and deliver EPRR training courses in line with the TNA to selected groups of staff.

To be responsible for and develop internal exercises to test the robustness of emergency plans and to work with external partners participating in multiagency emergency planning exercises.

Policy and Service Development Implementation:
Working with the EPLO to ensure the organisation is compliant with the Civil Contingencies Act (2004); Emergency Preparedness - Statutory guidance to the CCA 2004 (revised March 2012); Emergency Response and Recovery -Non statutory guidance accompanying the CCA 2004 (4th Ed July 2012); the NHS EPRR Framework (2022) and other NHSE/UKHSA/DHSC guidance.

To ensure the development and delivery of the organisations emergency planning and resilience policies, including Pandemic Flu Plan, Incident Response Plan, Corporate Business Continuity Plan and EPRR Policy.

To ensure Trust Framework of BCP plans is consistent with NHS England Business Continuity Management Toolkit and aligns with Oxleas Business Continuity Management System and our service delivery.
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